Thursday, October 7, 2010

bullying in schools

As I was flipping through the tv this morning I landed on one of the morning talk shows where they were discussing bullying classes in schools. Personally, I wasn't "bullied" in school. When I was new to a school in 6th grade I did get picked on for the first few days for "dating" one of the popular girls ex boyfriends. It was amazing how quickly the popular girls became my friends once I broke up with him. I'm sure at the time I considered it bullying. Thinking back, when it did occur there was a teacher around who didn't do or say anything when it was going on.

So it makes me wonder, would bullying classes be a good idea in schools? Well, I have a three year old who started pre-k this year and even though he is so young I worry about bullying as he grows up. I do think that kids learning what is happening to other kids around the world that are getting bullied might help slightly. I don't think it will resolve the issue anywhere near as much as it needs to be. In my area it seems as though even the teachers are bullied. They don't know how to control the kids who act up, so they give them OSS for a few days - which is like a vacation for a 13 year old. Then it raises the issue as to why do these kids act like this?

Is it the sole responsibility of the teachers and principals to get these kids under control? No. Parents aren't doing their job either. There is a reason why kids do the things they do. I hope to God neither of my children are ever bullies, but if by some chance they get lost along the way and are these are the steps I would take. For one, they would be grounded. I would re-evaluate the kids they were hanging out with. Children are so easily influenced that it's sad. I think I would also have my child talk to a therapist depending on how far the situation went. There are just certain things a child will tell someone they don't know and think they can confide in than they would share with their parents. I think I would take as many necessary steps to get my child on the right track as it took. But some parents encourage the bullying. Some of them encourage the bad life.

I also think that maybe if the school had more activites for children to do outside of school it might help a little. I realize this takes money that a lot of schools don't have at the time. At my sons school (my old school) they obviously have the sports, but they also have builder's club which is a place for kids to help other people. They rake leaves, go to a nursing home to spend time with the elderly, etc. I can't really think of much else that they have, but at least it's something I guess. I think teachers should try to encourage the kids that they know are trouble makers to join things like these. If they can get one of them to join, chances are a few more of their group will join. Maybe they could throw in a few fun activies that don't involve helping people, something just for the kids. The problem at my old school is some of the coaches of certian sports would help get the kids out of trouble if they were essential to that sport. That one bothers me the most...

What makes someone think it is okay for a child to misbehave, disrespect authority, and treat their peers like crap just because they are good at a sport? What is the world coming to? Are sports really THAT important? They're supposed to teach GOOD sportsmanship. Teach kids how to trust their teammates and be there for each other. At least that's the way it was for me when I played basketball...

So it leaves the question, do YOU think bullying classes are a good idea? Would they help bullying stop?


  1. it's a crazy world and i don't think it will ever stop...the way kids are brought up in homes is how they treat the outside world...if they live it they show it. i'm so disturbed by all that goes on...makes me sick to even think about...since we do have kids it's on our minds daily...i don't know...i just know if i ruled the world things would be way different:) love ya cris

  2. haha i agree.. i go back and forth about homeschooling the kids every day but i know i can't shelter them from everything so it's hard. things like this really get to me though!

  3. HI! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    I'm not looking forward to dealing with all this horrible bullying. Luckily mine is too little for school yet

  4. While I think classes would be a great idea, would it really stop the issue? I am not so sure about that. If it really did make a change then sure the classes would benefit all. But if it just was another thing that kids went through to go through and nothing changed then what?

    What is really scary to me is that kids are being bullied and then they end up killing themselves!! Can you imagine?

    I am not sure what it will take to stop something that seems to be growing so rapidly.


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