Sunday, October 10, 2010

I had such a busy but great day yesterday. I spent a few hours at our first annual Oktoberfest. I live in a tiny town so it was nice for us to actually have something going on for local vendors. There weren't too many craft tables set up, but enough to enjoy the day. The kids got to play in blow ups, get their face painted, free helmets, fishing, etc. It was just a great place for families to spend together.

After Oktoberfest we threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my father in law. We had family come in from out of town and it was just really nice to get everyone together. He was so surprised and happy to see everything everyone had done for him. The kids had a blast playing with eachother since it's not often that they can all get together and play.

It was just such a lovely day all around, reminding me what really matters most in life is friends and family.

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  1. glad you had a nice day:) i hope we can find something around here for pumpkin patches or anything...we'll see! you'll have to put a link in your tweets so we can find your talk abouts....:) xoxo


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