Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Leaves..

Me and my husband are planning on getting a new camera for Christmas since Anthony broke ours months ago. I'm really hoping to get one a lot sooner than that so I can take some pictures of the beautiful leaves outside to show you guys! I go through my blogs every day (or try to anyway) and see pictures of all of the yummy treats and things you guys do every day and I wonder why it seems like I have no time whatsoever for any of that. I guess I get 2 1/2 hours of free time while Anthony's at school and Lucas is napping to do what I please, but that usually consist of writing on my blog, and posting things on craigslist(which takes forever). I really need more time for things that I enjoy.

I did get time to cut my sons hair this morning before school. He was bumming out because "he likes it long" and I cut it too short. When he got to school his girlfriend wasn't friendly which made it even worse (yes, my almost 4 year old has a "girlfriend"). He holds her hand and introduces her to all of the kids in the class since she's so shy. I think she was acting weird towards him today because they had a 3 day weekend and she was back to her shy self. Hopefully it's not because I cut his hair too short! :-X

Plans for tomorrow must consist of me trying to bake something yummy for the kids, or work on some crafts, or something fun! Hope you guys had a great day!

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